Just a Short Note

Hello there :) Just wanted to check in. I probably won’t post anything on here through the month of August because I’m working on a daily #AugustWritingChallenge on my other (neglected) Tubmlr blog. It’s a pretty cool way to make sure I write everyday and interesting too because the posts are centered around a different theme/topic for each day.

On top of that, August is a busy month for me: celebrating birthdays of my most important loved ones, preparing for grad school and moving to New York :) I’m especially excited about that last part. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy previous posts and venture to my Tumblr for my random thoughts. Who knows, you may even be inspired to join in on the challenge :) Happy Olympics!


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8 thoughts on “Just a Short Note

  1. happy august then! :smile: and happy new york too! i hope timihirtishin bertitesh temiresh saymar yastemareshin wegenishin … they always make it sound like etyopia dropped out of school at 3rd grade or something :neutral:

    • Aww I know, betam tefahu aydel? Thanks 4 noticing my absence :) I sort of
      blame it on grad school, it’s been keeping me busy. How’ve you been? I’m much more present on Twitter, u should consider hopping on the bandwagon if u haven’t already, lots of interesting convos happening there :-)

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