Music & Nostalgia

This song makes me extremely nostalgic of one person: my beautiful little 5 year old cousin Rohama. When I first got to Ethiopia, it was the biher bihereseboch holiday which celebrates the country’s diversity. That was all they talked about on TV and when Monday came, Romi prepared her habesha libs to wear to school. All the students were asked to wear traditional clothing that represents their family’s culture. That morning, Romi got all dolled up in her blue dress and wrapped her netela around her head lol. She is so cute and I love her. I miss her asking me a million questions about my life in America, how many words I knew in English, how to say things in English, about my hair, insisting on eating dinner with me on the same plate, cuddling with me on the couch as we watch TV, trying on all of my earrings and jewelery and asking if she could have them and her overall excitement to be around me, an older girl she will someday become. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age, especially her quiet and reserved nature. I like this song because of the message of unity it presents (it’d be nice if all the things it said were actually true though *side eye*) but also what it reminds me of. I miss and love you very much Romi :) :) :)

Here she is on biher bihereseboch day before she left for school:


LOL we always make fun of Romi because she's asleep in 70% of her pictures. Pretty much every night, she will eat dinner, lay down on the couch and before she knows it, she falls asleep. Then her dad carries her to bed hehe :) This is one of those times.

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2 thoughts on “Music & Nostalgia

  1. awww the pics are so cute!!! i like that song but dang it always gets stuck in my head when i hear it and i swear ETV plays it like all the time!

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